BOLD offers a full technological proposal for your business. Specialized in the entire chain of solutions that are required for the cable TV industry, BOLD is the complete provider option for operators.

This is convenient in terms of performance for a business, since it offers the possibility of having a platform that fully compiles the processes of distribution, management and content processing, as well as user validation. All in the same place.

From Set top boxes with Android TV platform and its version for the APP, with BOLD’s own Middleware and in partnership with TiVo, Cloud Access, Live content, VOD and CMS system, with security support and content protection from NAGRA.

BOLD offers the distribution of content through IP and DVB, exploiting the best advantages of both worlds, being able to work in hybrid systems as well as exclusive IP or DVB.

Walking through every step of the development and adjusting to the needs of each operator.

This is how our processes flow:

one stop shop

Contact us at info@boldmss for more information or any questions about our solutions!